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The Outsiders book PDF Free – The Outsiders book has been written by S.E. Hinton, this book was published by Viking press in 1967. she started writing this book when she was just 15 years old, and she did mostly work on this book when she was at the age of 16. This book was published in 1967 when she reached the age of 18. This book tells the struggle of two rival gangs, both gangs were divided on the bases of social-economic status, on November 5, 2019. The outsiders’ book was listed in the list of influential novels. A movie was also released in 1983 based on this book.

The outsiders book pdf

This story starts from a first-person perspective and told by teenage protagonist ponyboy curties, several greasers including ponyboy’s the paternal darry and soda pop came in his rescue, then next day ponyboy and two greasers went to the movie theatre and there they met with cherry and Marcia. After that ponyboy, johnny, and their best friend started to walk towards cherry and Marcia home and after some time, they were prevented by cherry’s boyfriend bob, who beaten johnny but cherry stopped the fight and ponyboy went to a home, ponyboy and johnny was wondering into the park, where bob and his four friends came and they started to talk badly and ponyboy splits on bob friend and johnny stabs bob and rest of the friend of bob ran away from there and after sometime bob died. ponyboy and johnny started to find dally who gave them some money and a loaded gun, dally said them to hide church in Windrixville

The outsiders ebook – After some days dally came there to know the stage of violence between greasers and socs. johnny decided to run from the church but before getting out they noticed, the church caught fire, and many school students were inside the church. Greasers ran inside the church for saving kids’ life, but ponyboy gets unconscious because of fumes but johnny was injured badly, the piece of the church roof, fell on the back of johnny and all the guys were admitted in the hospital.

In the morning newspaper, pony and johnny were declared as heroes but johnny had killed bob that’s why he would be punished ponyboy was also feeling bad because he was also part of that gang war and when johnny was declared culprit then pony also realized his mistake.

After a long time when ponyboy went hospital to meet with johnny and their ponyboy found johnny is in a critical situation but when ponyboy was in the way he met with cherry, and he told about johnny then she denied to meet with johnny and she said, that he killed my boyfriend, pony called her traitor but she explained her point then pony understood.

After some days dally and ponyboy came back to the hospital then they found johnny has already died. when dally saw johnny then he could not control himself and ran away from that room and pony also came at home but dally robbed in a store and he pointed the gun on police but police officer shot dally and he died on the spot.

Ponyboy came back in school but he was not promoted in the next grade because he failed in English but his teacher said he will be pass if he writes a decent theme, but he started to write current events about johnny and ponyboy wrote essay with the opening line of the novel.

The Outsiders movie was released on March 25, 1983, it was an adaptation on this novel. This film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This movie got mostly positive reviews, and it was also excellent at the box office it earned a good amount of money. Just to understand this novel in short you can also watch this movie.

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Conclusion- The outsiders pdf

In this story, there were several ups and downs situation but all the situations taught us something, As the author told about two groups they always stood against each other, and they always felt jealous of each other. Group was divided on the bases of social-economic status.

The Outsiders book is a great book for you and it’s very necessary for teenagers because it gives them a kind of taste of what people said and thought in the 1960s. it shows the changes in society within 60 years and it will give them a precious experience which will help you to understand the world better and live better.

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