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The book thief complete pdf free download – The book thief is a historical novel written by Australian author Markus Zusak. The book thief was published in 2005. This book has been the most sold internationally, and it was translated into more than 60 languages. Till now, more than 16 million copies have been sold all over the world.

The complete story of this book is based on a 9-year young girl. Her name is Liesel meminger. liesel who lives in Germany. The complete story is set between world war means 1939 to 1943. the whole story has been narrated by death, only death.

The book thief PDF

Death starts the story, telling. It saw first Liesel meminger in a train travelling with her mother Paula meminger and 6-year-old brother werner meminger. Paula meminger wants to leave them to foster parents, but while travelling in the train, Werner gets seriously ill. And after some time he suddenly dies in the train.

When the train stops in a small town, liesel and her mother, Paula, get off the train and bury Werner’s body. While grave diggers were doing their work, Liesel finds a book from one of the gravediggers.

After the funeral process, they again start their journey to molching. After reaching molching liesel meets foster parents Hans and Rosa. Hans Huberman and Rosa Huberman are so good by nature. liesel does not come out from the car as she was very much upset. But hans talks to her, and his kind nature works. liesel comes out, and she has a small shoot-case. It has some clothes and a stolen book.

The book thief complete pdf

Liesel starts adjusting with her foster parents Hans Huberman and Rosa Huberman. She gets nightmares of her dead brother a few weeks. Slowly slowly, Hans wins her, and liesell feels comfortable with her foster parents.

She becomes friends with a boy who lives in the neighbourhood, whose name is Rudy. And his father is a tailor. And there are six members in his family.

When Liesel goes to school, she gets admitted to the lower class. Due to not knowing anything, and every student laughs at her. She feels insulted and decides to learn everything. Hans also helps her studying Hans teaches her a lot.
On the occasion of Christmas hans huberman gifts two books to liesel faust the dog and the lighthouse. After some time, rosa observes she is losing her laundry customers, so liesel starts working for rosa. As world war begins, people start saving their money due to a shortage of food and work. Liesel writes a letter to her mother, Paula, and waits for the reply.

The story started in 1939, and now after a year, Hitler’s birthday comes as molching is one of the states of Hitler, so everyone was loyal to Hitler. All books written against Hitler are burnt on Hitler’s birthday, Liesel loved to read books, so she steals a book called The shoulder shrug from the flames. But the mayor’s wife Iisa Harmann, sees Lisel taking the book. Liesel is scared because the mayor’s wife sees him stealing the book.

Next day rosa says leisal to deliver laundry to Iisa Harmann’s house. She goes with her friend rudy and provides laundry. Iisa looks at her and says nothing. After a week, she goes again to deliver laundy now this time Iisa Harmann calls liesel and takes her to Books library. liesel feels how lucky Iisa is. She has a lot of books after some time liesel comes back.

Now a new character comes to Jew named max vandenburg he hides himself from the Hitler army. Jew was helped by his friend and given a book. Once in war, hans was helped by Max’s father, so he has to help max as he was grateful for max father. Now Jew stays at hans home.

When liesel finds a stranger in her home, she gets surprised, but hans tells her everything and makes her understand not to tell anyone. Now Jew starts living in Basement for safety purpose. After a couple of days, they both become good friends.

On the occasion of liesel birthday, Hans Huberman and Rosa Huberman gifts her a book The Mud Men. But Jew had nothing to gift her, so he gives her the book given by his friend as a birthday gift.
One day lesal goes to the mayor’s home and steals the book “The whistler” from the mayor’s library. One more day, she goes to steal, but Iisa Harmann knew everything, so she supports her and tells you can take as many books you want.

After some time due to numerous raids, Max leaves hans home as Hans was applying for a job, so hans and rudy father Alex get a job in Hitler army. But hans gets injures so he is taken back to his home. lisel was not going to Iisa home, so Iisa comes to liesel home and gives a blank book to Liesel and ask her to write her own story.
Liesel feels so happy and starts writing her story. She names this book “The Book Thief “. On a day as usual in midnight, she was witting her story in Basement, and everyone was sleeping. But suddenly a bomb falls, and everyone dies. liesel foster parents, Rudy family. Liesel kisses rudy and completes his wish. Now she was very much upset.

Iisa Harmann gets to know everything, and she collects Liesel meminger and takes her to her home. After a month of rudy father, Alex returns and feels very bad after knowing about his family. After a week, he starts opening his shop, and liesel also likes to come to help him because he was the father of her best friend, Rudy. Max also comes back and meets Liesel, and they both feel bad remembering everything.

Leisel was writing a book the thief book she forgets it in the house debris. And this book is taken by death. And now, death starts telling the remaining story of Liesel what happened with her. Death says Liesel has lived her complete life, and she has a big family now son and grandson.

Death meets Liesel at the last moment of her life. And it tells I know everything about you. I have your book, the thief. Death says I could not understand humans. Human always haunts me, and then Liesel dies, and the story ends.

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I hope you would find this book like a treasure. It has been rated five stars by many readers. It is not just a book actually after reading this book you can have a new way to love life and think positive always, but if you want a fast read, this book is not for you. And its ending is not as good as likes movies.

The book thief review

I have read this book, and I don’t have words to describe. It’s far more powerful than what I was thinking. In 2013 the movie “The book thief” was released by Brian Percival based on this novel. And this movie was ultimately successful at the box office.

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