Rich dad poor dad book pdf

Rich dad poor dad book pdf free download – Rich Dad and Poor Dad pdf book has been written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997, and this book was published on April 1, 2000. This book was published by warner books Ed, First time this book was published in New York times, Book was given 4.7 ratings out of 5.

Story of book is based on Kiyosaki’s life. This book has 207 pages, and 32 million copies of this book were sold and this book was printed in more than 51 languages. This book has been sold across 109 countries in the world, Robert T.Kiyosaki estimated that 40 million copies would be sold in the worldwide, but this book won much heart, and every reader loved this book. because the story forces us to say such line. Every story can teach us something but with surety. I would say you will enjoy this story because, up and down comes in everyone life and this story is based on the same thing.

Rich dad poor dad book pdf

The “rich dad” titular is the friends’ father who was an entrepreneur and savvy investing, and “poor dad” is claimed to be Kiyosaki’s father. He says, I worked all life, but I never provided financial security, and rich dad teach their kid about money what poor, and middle class does not do.

Kiyosaki’s poor dad had completed his Ph.D. He had also completed his advanced study. and if we talk about his rich dad, he had even not cleared his 8th class. but still, rich dad was so much successful, and he also became one of the wealthiest people in America, and another side his poor dad struggled a lot, poor dad always says I cannot afford. I cannot get it, and his poor dad also used to think, always try to get a degree. it will help you get a job everywhere, and the second side his rich dad used to say always try to find the way you can give the job to other.

At the age of 9, Robert Kiyosaki’s decided to follow his rich dad, and Robert learned seven lessons from his rich dad first one is” fear and desire” The author says for earning, we do the job, and by that salary, we pay taxes and spend on expenses. As we all have seen, “the more we earn, the more we spend.”

In the second lesson, when Robert ask his rich father how to be rich, Rich dad says if you want to be rich, you have to find the difference between an asset and a liability. He said people do not understand the difference between asset and liability completely. he also said poor and middle-class people work for money, but rich people do not work for money, money works for rich people.

Third lesson, people do not become rich because of their financial condition. They become rich because of their financial knowledge and knowledge is not a big deal but using that knowledge in the right direction. It makes the person rich and author says, we can find knowledgeable people. But to be rich knowledge needs to be used in correct direction.

The fourth lesson, when Robert completed his graduation, and he got a job in standard oil, and he was getting $42000 salary. After knowing this his poor dad was so happy. He wanted Robert to settle in a high paid salary. But his rich dad always told him “do not work for money, work to learn” and after six months Robert left that job and Robert went in marine corps for learning something new. But his poor dad was not happy due to this step and the second side his rich dad was so happy by this step.

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The others lessons are also very important for life. But here I am only sharing you the most important points and rest of the lessons, you can read after downloading rich dad poor dad ebook.

This story tells us that, a low-income family first completes his basic needs. But never thinks to invest his money for himself. They first purchase a home, car, and other essential things, but a rich person never feels in this way. A rich person always thinks first where than can invest their money so that it can give them good returns in the future. And after earning from their invested money. They purchase important thinks like, luxury cars, houses, jewelry.

The truth is, we never think to invest our money for our future. We all keep doing the job and spend whatever we earn every month. But rich people think about the passive income. They first think pay themselves and then pay for their liability.

This book teaches us some essential basic principle about money. What everyone must know to be successful in their life. Assets are the only way to make money, and liability can never make you rich you should always try to increase your assets. An average person still thinks to get a high salary, but he never thinks of earning passive money without doing anything. So here I want to say one thing Money management is the key to success.

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Rich dad poor dad book pdf – This book has the power to change everyone’s life. This book tells what to do when to do and what things should be implemented in our life for making money. I would say if you have completed your graduation, then you must read Rich Dad and Poor Dad book. It can give you best career option. As rich dad told about lesson, always focus on an asset, learning must be there and always try to increase your financial knowledge.

I loved this story because this story taught me what I never imagined. All age group must read this book because everyone needs to learn all the thing what is guided by this story. Every knowledge is beneficial for us, I hope you would like this book while reading.

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