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Pillow thoughts PDF – Pillow thoughts 1 and 2 is a modern poetry book written by author Courtney peppernell. If you are a modern poetry lover, you should give a try to read the book. At some point, you may feel that you are having a talk with the author, and each line will touch you deep inside. Because while reading this book not only me almost everyone has felt this.

This book is divided into multiple parts. You should read each part as every part is for different phases of life like a breakup, struggle motivation, etc. In case if You are going through any of these phases that part in the book, you will tear your heart deep down.

Pillow thoughts were first published in 2016 when the book became a success. Other versions of the books were also published later. In this article I have provide direct download link for both books Pillow thoughts 1 & 2 in the bottom of this article.

The poem in the book is narrated in simple words that are very easy to understand and adapt. The book has a good rating of 3.8 out of 5 on good reads.

Every poem in this book is written with thoughts, and you can easily relate every poem. This book, if you are ever gone through a breakup, can relate every poem with yourself.

You will feel like every poem is written for you and will realise you how well they are written.

If you are new to the poem or want to try poems, you should definitely Start with pillow thoughts PDF

To ease your task, we have provided a pdf version of this book. You can download the book using the link provided at the bottom of the article. If you want to start, you can give a try with the pdf version. If you liked the book, then you can go for the hard copy of the same, or you can proceed with the pdf version itself, as per your choice.

About the author-

Courtney peppernell is an author from Sydney. She started her writing career in 2015 with book chasing paper cranes. She is best known for her book pillow thoughts PDF that is a poetry collection. She released her first poetry collection in 2016. 

After the success of first poetry book pillow thoughts, She wrote many books 2, 3, and 4 within the same series. Pillow thought is still one of the best selling series of poetry collection. It is a consecutively best seller poetry collection since 2016.

Conclusion –

If you want to try something new or want to try the poetry book, then you should definitely give a chance to this book. We bet you won’t get disappointed. One of the best poems from the book is

“Things might not get better tomorrow. You may have many tomorrows, and nothing changes. But that is not the point. The point of moving through all these tomorrows is to get to the one tomorrow that finally does get better.”

Review ***** GoodReads

This was a nice poetry collection. It’s really short and quick to read and it is divided into sections that are introduced by some really nice illustrations of jellyfish. I liked reading about the themes dealt in this little book and I also quite enjoyed the writing style of the author. Overall it was a pleasant read.

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Now you can have the idea of how deep it is every word. You can download the pillow thought pdf from the download button given below.

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Pillow thoughts PDF 1 and 2 pdf free download

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