Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone pdf

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone full book pdf download – Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone is the famous novel written by J.K. Rolling. first time this novel was published on 26 June 1997, the book has received unexpected reviews. book has been given a 4.6 rating out of 5. This book is good for everyone, but if you are a fantasy lover. then I will highly recommend reading this book

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone story belong to a magical world. You must read this book if you are the one who likes to live in a magical world. It will give a different direction to your imagination.

This is a fabulous book in which a boy named harry lives a miserable life. Until Hagrid, a giant from Hogwarts castle, comes and takes harry with him. Then harry started to live his life without any restriction, and he enjoyed with his two best friends Hermoine and Ron. He also has a great principal Dumbledore. Who always helped harry in every situation.

The book is very interesting for all age groups. But this book is mostly liked by teenagers who love fantasy and magic. In most of the reviews, It was said I felt it would be a boring story. But when I started reading this book, it was quite interesting and once you start reading this book. You cannot put it down without reading the whole book.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone pdf

The first book, Harry Potter, and the philosopher’s stone, story starts with the boy name harry. The first quarter of the book tells how Harry start to receive a letter in a cupboard, and Mr. and Mrs. Dursley do not allow him to read the letter. At the age of eleven, he got to know about the wizard. And he took admission in wizard school. Harry Potter and his friend got some different and hidden evidence in the school campus, which was protected by a firewall, and harry potter and his friends took the risk of life for knowing the fact.

Important character (wiki)

Harry Potter:-The hero of the story. who considered as powerful and became famous in very little age. Harry Potter was the son of Wizard couple James potter and Lilly potter. They were murdered by Voldemort.

Voldemort:-He is the villain of the story, and he wished to be a powerful wizard and wanted to be the leader of the wizard community.

Albus Dumbledore:-He is the principal of wizard school who helped harry in many situations.

Dusley family:-Harry who lives in the cupboard under the stairs of a house and owner of the house, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley.

Argus Filch – Argus knew all the secrets of the school, and he was the caretaker of the school.

On the same story, there was a movie released in 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This movie was released all over the state of the united states and the united kingdom on 16 November 2001. this movie was completely based on this fantasy story, and the gross earning of this movie was 978 million dollars worldwide. This movie became the second highest-earning movie after titanic.

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This story is so good. You must read this story. If you are a fantasy lover because as this story was written with great imagination and such imagination will help you to know the story in a well way, and this story is mostly liked by teenagers. those who are very attentive towards that story  

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