Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows book summary

Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows book summary – The three appear at Ottery St. Catchpole, where both the Weasley and Lovegood family homes are located. When they touch the latter, Lovegood seems to be frantic, especially when they are curious about his daughter Luna, but he lets them pass anyway. Hermione asks the man if he can explain to them the meaning of the emblem they have seen, and Xenophilius tells them that it symbolizes the Deathly Hallows, three objects that, according to the  Tale of the Three Brothers , allow whoever has them to dominate death. : the Elder Wand, the most effective wand that ever existed; the Renaissance Stone, which allows those who have died to be brought into the world of the living; and the Cloak of Invisibility, which hides its wearer from the sight of others.

However, when the three of them try to leave, Xenophilius entertains them, and Harry is concerned that something is wrong, even more so when he realizes that Luna, who should be home for the Christmas holidays, is not there. Xenophilius declares that the Death Eaters took Luna since, in his magazine  The Quibbler , he did not give up sending messages of support for both Harry and the opposition to Voldemort, and claims that if he delivers Harry to the Death Eaters he will be able to recover his daughter. .

Upon reaching these, Hermione hides Ron under Harry’s invisibility cloak, to prevent him from being seen, but leaving herself and Harry out. As the Death Eaters enter the dwelling the three of them are in, Hermione demolishes the ground and casts a spell towards an Erumpent horn, which explodes destroying the house as the three vanish from there.

Harry is sure that his invisibility cloak is the same as suggested in the  Tale of the Three Brothers , that the Resurrection Stone is inside the Snitch that Dumbledore left him in his will, and that Voldemort is finding out where it is. Elder Wand. Hermione tries to make him see that it is not just a story, but Harry is convinced of what it says.

As they continue their inquiries, Ron shows them something else that he has managed to investigate while he was away: the existence of Pottervigilancia, a clandestine radio broadcast set up by Lee Jordan and various members of the Order of the Phoenix with the intention of relaying the reports that the The Ministry is censoring and encouraging the wizards and witches of the country to protect Muggles and try to find ways to confront Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Upon the news that Voldemort is possibly abroad, Harry points out that this is proof that Voldemort is probably finding out where the Elder Wand is located, but at that moment Harry accidentally pronounces the Dark Lord’s name, which prompts the Taboo , which draws the curiosity of scavengers. Hermione manages to modify Harry’s face to avoid being recognized, but in spite of everything they transfer the three to Malfoy Manor.

Malfoy Manor

Once at the Malfoy Residence, the scavengers announce that they believe they are getting Harry. Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius, and Narcissa Malfoy force Draco to say if it’s really them, but Draco says he’s not convinced of it. When Bellatrix finds the sword among the trio’s possessions, she freaks out and orders Harry and Ron to be locked in the dungeon while torturing Hermione to investigate where she got the sword.

Harry and Ron find Luna, Mr. Ollivander, Dean Thomas and Griphook in the dungeon. As Ron gets irritated at the inability to help Hermione, Hermione manages to say that the sword is a copy. Bellatrix makes Peter Pettigrew go for Griphook so he can tell if it’s true. At Harry’s request, Griphook lies, and is returned to the dungeon.

Harry takes out the piece of the two-sided mirror that Sirius gave him two years earlier, sees to his amazement a pair of eyes similar to Dumbledore’s, and asks for help, explaining where they are. Then Dobby emerges, whom Harry asks to remove the hostages. The noise of Dobby’s exit attracts Pettigrew’s curiosity, who enters the dungeon just when only Harry and Ron remain. The three fight, trying to gain control of the wand. Pettigrew tries to strangle Harry, but Harry reminds him that Pettigrew owes him his life. Pettigrew hesitates for a second, and the metallic hand that Voldemort gave him as a reward for helping in his rebirth strangles him, murdering him.

Harry and Ron go upstairs and a fight happens between them and the Death Eaters in the room. When she considers that they have won, Bellatrix takes Hermione hostage so that Harry and Ron surrender, but at that moment Dobby appears, who distracts the Death Eaters and allows the trio to recover their wands, and then get them out of there, but just before After Dobby vanishes with the trio, Bellatrix manages to throw a knife that stakes Dobby. He ends up dying in the arms of Harry, who decides to give him a decent burial.

Harry then has a vision: Voldemort has discovered that Dumbledore’s wand was Elder’s, and is stealing it. Ron says that they must go for him, to prevent it, but Harry says no, because they would arrive at the last minute, and it would also be of no use, since he knows that Dumbledore did not intend for Harry to have the wand. A vision Harry has at the time confirms for him that Voldemort has managed to steal her from Dumbledore’s grave.

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