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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Harry Potter and chamber of secrets is a very popular novel written by JK Rowling. It was the second novel in harry potter series. The novel was first published on 2 July 1998 in the UK, while in us it was first published on 2 June 1998. This book received very good reviews and loved by readers on publishing. You can download the book harry potter and the chamber of secrets pdf provided at the end of the page.

The book is 20 years old, and there are many editions, even by Bloomsbury.It is a must-read novel for fantasy lovers who love magical worlds and creatures. This novel is for all age groups, but it is especially loved by teenagers and very popular among youngsters. This book has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on good reads. Now you can think about how much it is loved by readers.

Once you start reading this book, it will take you to the world of magic and sorcery. You could ever dream. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets book is for everyone, especially for those who like fast-paced and imaginative books. we have shared the link to download the pdf version of the book. You can click on the download button provided at the end of the article to download the pdf.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Plot

Chamber of Secrets starts when harry is enjoying his summer with his uncle and aunt. Harry Potter is now in his second year of Hogwarts school. He is staying with his aunt and spending the summer holidays. Where he is visited by the small elf named Dobby, Who warns Harry not to go to school, but harry still ignores him and goes back to school. Upon reaching there, he finds out mysterious things are happening, and students are petrified.

Harry keeps hearing the strange voices that seem to be coming through the wall. Bloody writing appears on the wall revealing someone have opened the chamber of secrets. Only Slytherin descendants can open the chamber of secrets. Harry is able to talk to snakes; this confuses others and makes them think that harry is a Slytherin descent. Everyone thinking that harry potter have opened the door. The attacks are continually bringing the possibility of shutting down of Hogwarts school.

Harry Potter and his friends decide to uncover the truth and find the culprit, but they found much more than what they expected. Harry found some answers to his questions like what is the chamber of secrets and why everyone is so afraid of, why Hagrid was expelled of school and what was written in the diary of tom riddle.

About Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Author

Joanne rowling, aka JK Rowling, is a British writer, producer. She was born on 31 July 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire. She is the writer of a very popular book series harry potter. Harry Potter book series has won multiple awards and has sold more than 500 million copies worldwide.

It is the best selling book series in history. Not only the Harry Potter series, but she is also known for the Cormoran Strike series. She published her first book in 1997. She is the world’s first a billion authors. In 2010 rowling was named as most influential women in Britain. Jk rowling is still among the list of the richest person in the UK.

She published her first book, harry potter and the philosopher stone in 1997, which became a huge success. she has written total 7 novels based on Harry potter. All the 7 novels are completely full of action and thrill with unbelievable magic power. Her all books were not only liked by children but also by youngters.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets pdf book is the sequel of its first part i.e., harry potter and the philosopher stone. Along with huge success across the readers, this book won lots of awards also. It was first published by Bloomsbury in the UK, while in us, it was published by scholastic. It became the best seller book in the UK as soon as it was released. This book is titled in the top 2000 notable books for children by the American library association.

The harry.potter and the chamber of the secret movie was also released in 2002, It was Directed by Chris Columbus. This complete movie was written by Steve kloves. It was also released in United kingdom which was a great box office success. The movie earned $600+ million in the box office. Today also it is considered to be one of the best fantasy films.

Apart from the movie, many video games have also created they are loosely based on the book: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets eBook.

Reading Books and Novels has many benefits. like, it increases the Intelligence Quotient, Helps imagination, Gives ideas, Changes thoughts, Encourages empathy etc

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This book is definitely very nice and a must-read if you are fantasy and fiction.lover. This book is not going to disappoint you. But before reading this, we recommend you to read the harry.potter and the sorcerers stone first as it will be easier for.you connect the dots. It is also a good choice to gift this to your kids, and it is also a nice book for nighttime storytelling to kids. we have provided all the books of harry books on our website you can get by searching on our website or on the download page.


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